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A sole trader's growth

Jasmine Pottery, a Sole Trader based in Leeds, has successfully adapted to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the implementation of online subscriptions and e-commerce, Jasmine Pottery has been able to maintain its customer base and reach new audiences. This shift in business strategy has been vital for the survival and growth of the company.

When we first started working with Leesha and Mollio our accounts were a mess and that is an understatement.

To further streamline its operations, Jasmine Pottery recently sought the expertise of Mollio, who provided support in implementing new financial software. This software has not only automated transactions but has also provided real-time financial information. This has helped Jasmine Pottery make informed decisions about its financial health, enabling the company to make strategic investments for its future growth.

We implemented a financial software framework that connects via third party application to their e-commerce platforms, enabling them to automate transactions and freeing up time to manage the day-to-day business, and keep a close eye on their numbers. By building the regular reviews we knew when the VAT registration became mandatory and were able to register and update the software to accommodate.

Having financial information in real time and regularly reviewed, the year-end compliance is completed in an efficient and timely manner, which in this case meant that the client was well armed with information required prior to making an offer on a new house for their growing family.

Overall, Jasmine Pottery's ability to adapt and embrace new technology has been instrumental in its success during these challenging times. By utilising e-commerce platforms and implementing new financial software, the company has not only survived, but has thrived. With a focus on innovation and sound financial management, Jasmine Pottery is well-positioned to continue its growth in both the short and long term.

When we first started working with Leesha and Mollio our accounts were a mess and that is an understatement. Leesha gave us continued support to not only organise our accounts but to teach us how to use QuickBooks efficiently to keep on top of our day-today accounting. A couple of years down the line, our QuickBooks are linked to all our ecommerce platforms and everything now runs smoothly. Leesha has been there when we need her the most and has been prompt and timely with submitting our tax returns when we needed them done quickly.

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