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Start up

The Mollio team will discuss your new business venture with you and ascertain what you want to achieve. We then look for find the structure and solutions that will support the best outcome for you and the way you operate. We will advise and onboard you to the appropriate software and apply an agile approach to continually mould the service to meet your needs. We celebrate the wins with you and endeavour to find solutions to help you navigate the tough times. This is a new venture after all – it is not always going to be easy, and we understand that.

Starting out in Business is daunting...

  • The first time you have been responsible for the finances and the taxation
  • Got an idea for a new venture?
  • Not sure how to begin?
  • Unsure how to structure the business - Sole Trader vs Limited Company?

What Structure Should I choose?

One of the first decisions for a start-up business is deciding on a business structure that you will trade under. Sole trader, partnership, or limited company. The business format that you choose will affect the amount of tax the startup pays. It will also impact other areas such as liability for losses. It should be decided after consideration of the issues.

Sole trader

Setting up in business on your own gives complete control and fewer administrative burdens.

However, you also have unlimited liability, and you could therefore risk personal loss if something were to go seriously wrong.

Sole Traders include an annual Self Employment return with their Self-Assessment tax return. They pay Income Tax and National Insurance contributions on the profits.


If two or more people run the business together, as a partnership, they share profits or losses and unlimited legal liability. It is essential to define the rights and responsibilities of partners and to set them out in a partnership agreement.

All partners include an annual Self Employment return with their self-assessment tax return as well as a Partnership Tax return (showing how profits were divided between the partners). The also pay Income Tax and National Insurance contributions on their share of the profits.

Limited company

A limited Company is a legal entity separate from its owners. Ownership can be changed, or extra capital raised through the selling of shares, without necessarily affecting the management of the company.

However, there are several additional legal requirements with limited companies which can add to the time and money spent on administration.

Companies file a Corporation Tax return with HMRC which summarises its annual trading results and pays Corporation Tax on the taxable profits. Companies must submit annual accounts and other information to Companies House.


We offer a wide range of services that are designed to help small businesses with their finances, such as

Managed bookkeeping

Accurate bookkeeping is the foundation to business success, without it the information is historic and useless. Mollio can act as your book-keeping department fully or we can train you or your staff to use the software more effectively.

Invoicing software

making use of OCR recognition software for receipts and automated bank feeds there is no need for paperwork to pile up. We provide a service that will review your need and build a stack of Apps that works for your business, using  HubDoc or AutoEntry to facilitate ease of data collection with its simple snap and store system. Snap and store of receipts could result in less tax, as there are less lost receipts.

Tax returns

There is no need to be late in filing Self-Assessment.We file as soon as possible after 5thApril once all information has been obtained. Mollio uses a dedicated client portal for you to upload all documents that are required to complete your tax return.

Payroll services

For clients that have employees or are making that jump it can be a daunting task. Making sure employees are paid accurately and on time is essential to every business whether sole trader or limited company. We take the task in hand and aim to give you peace of mind:

VAT returns

These cannot be done accurately without accurate bookkeeping. We offer this on top of the managed bookkeeping for VAT registered business.

Free advice

Our website provides many up-to-date blogs with hints and tips, keeping you up to date with any changes and giving you valuable accounting information.

Working With Mollio

You can expect a service that is tailored to your needs, that can be flexed and moulded as your business changes. We understand that working hours are no longer 9-5, and as such try to be flexible about appointments. We all run busy businesses and want to maintain a decent work life balance. We will offer early evening slots once or twice a week, and we can cope if young children are about during meetings.

Equally if the weathers good you may find Leesha takes time out to fit a cycle ride in and will then work late in the evening. There will always be good coffee and relaxed conversations to be had and we will always be honest and do what is right.

We're up to speed when it comes to the latest and greatest in cloud accounting software.

Working together we'll set up a baseline suite of streamlining systems to support you and your business:

accounting accreditations

Intuit QuickbooksSageXero


What accounting services do small businesses need?

Small businesses in the UK require various accounting services to manage their finances effectively. Some of the fundamental services that small businesses require include bookkeeping, tax planning and preparation, budgeting, cash flow management, and financial analysis.

Bookkeeping is important to keep track of all business transactions, including income and expenses, accounts payable, and accounts receivable. Tax planning and preparation is necessary to ensure compliance with tax regulations and minimize tax liability. Budgeting is essential for forecasting revenue and expenses, while cash flow management assists in monitoring and managing the inflow and outflow of cash.

Lastly, financial analysis is required to identify opportunities or challenges within the business and make informed decisions about its future. Small businesses can benefit from outsourcing their accounting services to professional accounting firms, which can help optimize financial performance and operations

How much should a small business pay for accounting services?

When considering using Mollio for your accountancy needs we arrange a face to face where we discuss your businesses needs and provide a tailor-made proposal for you to consider which includes the services we will provide for your business and the fee structure

How do I pay for your services?

We tailor make any payment terms as part of our proposal based on your business and requirements. This can change as your business evolves, changes, and grows.

What types of small businesses does Mollio work with?

Mollio works with a variety of businesses in various industries and services. We pride ourselves on getting to know and understand your business and provide the right accounting services to help you grow and be successful.

What are business accounting services?

Business accounting services refer to the professional financial management services provided to businesses. These services may include bookkeeping, tax planning and compliance, financial analysis, payroll management, and other financial reporting services. The aim is to help businesses manage their finances more efficiently, make better financial decisions, and comply with the UK's tax laws and regulations. These services are usually offered by accounting firms and can be customized to fit the specific needs of each individual business

Is there a minimum contract period?

There is no minimum contract period, but we do require 30 days' notice of termination of our services.

What if I need to switch accountants?

If you require to change accountants for any reason, we are happy to provide a 'handover' so that your business is unaffected by the change. There is no reason for the change to be disruptive.

Why our customers love Mollio

As a start-up I was worried about how I would handle all of the accounting aspects of running a business, but Mollio completely takes away the stress of this, with sound advice and a wonderfully efficient service, leaving me to focus on the running of my business.

As start -up business we needed an accountant that would be patient and understanding with our lack of knowledge regarding financial matters. Someone who was willing to provide us with hands on support whilst we got to grips with using our accounting software. Mollio has always been there for us when we have needed any financial advice or business support and they are a constant advocate and promoter of our brand.

Leesha and Mollio have been invaluable to me from day one of setting up. Always available and on hand to answer every type of question. Approachable, experienced and super friendly. We have since launched another business and Leesha involved from Day 1 on that too, she turns the accountancy jargon into understandable accountancy language – thank you Leesha for all your support.